Yoga and the Art of Forming Habits

Summer holiday in Thailand and post-holiday-busyness has been taking op my time the past one-and-a-half month, but now I am back on the PhD-track with renewed energy. Even though my holiday has been relaxing, we have been travelling a lot, which means I have not attented a yoga class for quite a while. I know there are other ways to seek tranquility, but yoga is definetely my number one choice as it balances me out, sparks joy and provides a certain level of perspective and peace-of-mind. I thrive to make it a priority, at least once a week, ideally it would be a part of my morning routine, but I stille find it hard to incoorporate it on a daily basis as I usually prioritice sleeping those extra 20 minutes :-). Anyway, I signed up for a class tomorrow so looking forward to get back on the mat. And I accept that forming habits requires small steps and patience.

I recently listened to the book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives
by Gretchen Rubin, which provided great inspiration within the art of habit formation. It is a wonderful mix between research results and practical observations by the author herself, and provides some really good and applicable advices for different personality types. Great inspiration and motivation, but unfortunately it does not come with a bag of self discipline, which after all is the biggest obstacle for me (and for many others I guess 🙂 ) She has formulated The Habits Manifesto, which are some of the main take-aways from the book.

Among my favorites are:

  • What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.
  • Focus on actions, not outcomes.
  • When we give more to ourselves, we can ask more from ourselves. (Love this one)

In addition to that she made me reflect on my own goals and my motivation for obtaining them. Some of them has been with me for some time and she made me consider if it was actually time to let go of some of them. After all it is at least worth to consider that if a goal has been on your list for while but you haven’t done anything to move in that direction, it might not be the right thing for you to do right now, and letting go might lead to the better.

That leads me to my August goals (I know we are halfway through the month but here we go:)

  • Finish the audiobook “They Say/I Say – The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing” (I have just bought the physical book as well to get a better grip on the exercises)
  • Attend a yoga class at least twice a week
  • Create time and space for silence everyday
  • Plan one day a week without fixed activities
  • Say “no” when feeling stessed or overwhelmed by activities
  • Start writing state-of-the-art paper
  • Submit paper for “Writing Interpretive Research Papers” PhD course
  • Attend above mentioned course
  • Prepare Revit lectures for authorized electricians
  • Exercise everyday (at least bike to work or walk half an hour daily)
  • Start sailing course

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂



  • Aileenq
    August 23, 2015

    I like your goals! And I really like that bit about what we do everyday and how that matters more than what we occasionally do…words to live by, indeed.

    • admin
      August 27, 2015

      Hi Aileen, Thank you! Nice to meet a fellow PhD-blogger 🙂

  • Marcus Appelros
    August 26, 2015

    Hey! Am also taking the PhD course, doing yoga and living in the Norden! ^.^

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