Week in review

The past week has been a lovely transition into three weeks of summer holiday (starting today!), and I must say it has been hard to stay productive as the holiday-state-of-mind is slowly kicking in. However, here is a list of achievements:

– Started this blog

– Had an inspiring meeting with PhD student Mai Brink at Aalborg University

– Welcomed my sister home who has been travelling for the past six months

– Had brunch with sister+parents+boyfriend

– Attended two yoga classes at the lovely YUI yoga studio in Aalborg

– Attended father-in-law’s 70s birthday

– Read the book  “How To Tame Your PhD” by Inger Mewburn

– Started listening to “They say/I Say”: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein

– Had a meeting with Mette from Højer Møbler about an exciting new education coming up

– Spent 40 minutes on a treadmill

– Went for a walk on the habour

– Spent an evening in a Drabant 30 (Danish 30 ft boat) in the habour of Aalborg with lovely company, gin and tonics and summer rain

– Packed only hand luggage for three weeks of travel in Thailand (!)

– Booked an open water paddy course on Koh Tao

– Visited friends who just got the cutest dog I have almost ever seen

– Had lots of green juices and strawberries

– Took the paper reading outside

– Had juice and water melon with Ann Sofie

– Had post-yoga coffee with Pia

– Sent my beloved chilli plants in foster care for the holiday


Summer holiday goals/dreams:

– Take open water paddy course

– Try aerial yoga in Bangkok

– Find a SUP-yoga class in Koh Tao

– Dive with sea turtles

– Do lots of SUP surfing

– Get as many thai massages as possible



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