Week In Review

This week I have:

  • Attented one yogaclass
  • Taught four lectures for an elective element for 3rd semester Energy Technology students
  • Had a meeting with my supervisors
  • Been talking, writing, reading and drawing models about writing that literature review
  • Decorated my new office
  • Put op a large calendar in our kitchen
  • Worked from home on Thursday
  • Wrote an e-mail to National University of Singapore for research cooperation
  • Planned material for upcoming Sustainability Festival
  • Had a beer with the beautiful bride-to-be-Fie on monday
  • Went to the most amazing (ferry-) wedding on saturday
  • Had the honour of being toastmaster at the wedding
  • Danced with my beloved boyfriend (doesn’t happen too often)
  • Had a hangover on Sunday, slept all day
  • Had dinner with parents in law
  • Watched 5 episodes of The Office
  • Had an average intake of 1512 calories
  • Lost 1 kg
  • Had 54 visitors on my blog from 18 different countries
  • Bought two new dresses, a kimono and a pair of stilletos
  • Coloured my hair
  • Bought white and purple roses
  • Had one quiet evening alone













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