Thoughts on tranquility and PhD life

As this being my opening blog post, a short introduction to the blog title and the author behind would be in place.
Being a dedicated yoga practitioner (and certified yoga teacher), I strive towards finding balance in the process of everyday (PhD-)life. Doing a PhD can be quite stressful and accepting the level of uncertainty can be a challenge. Recently I stumbled upon The Thesis Whisperer’s blog and discovered that PhD-blogging was actually a thing, and that it didn’t have to be boring. I bought her e-book How To Tame Your PhD (Thesis Whisperer Books Book 1), in which I found great inspiration (I will do a review on this later), and followed her advice on starting a blog.

So why the name Tranquil PhD? Tanquility can be defined as steadiness of mind under stress, which describes quite well what I strive to achieve myself. To stay peaceful in those periods of stress and tough deadlines. Cultivating healthy routines and work/life balance. Sparkling small drops of tranquility in between writing sessions, meetings and paper reading. My goal is to share ideas, tools and inspiration for you to stay tranquil and not loose yourself in self-doubt and PhD-anxiety along the way (we teach what we most need to learn! 😉 ) I originally found inspiraton for the name in my all time favourite podcast Tranquility du Jour by the lovely Kimberly Wilson. I can highly recommend listening to her podcast (and reading her blog) if you are into yoga, productivity, business, charity, green juices and reading books. 

Besides doing headstands on my yoga mat I am a PhD student at Aalborg University and University College of Northern Denmark, working with sustainable renovation of school buildings. I also love consuming books in audio format, drinking green juices, growing chilli in my window and hanging out with my boyfriend who is a fellow PhD student and an aspiring sailor.

Now I am off to a workout with the audiobook “They say/I Say”: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing in my ears.

Looking forward to connect with you 🙂




This is me.


Monday morning coffee.

And carrot/orange/apple/ginger juice. Cheers!

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