Moving to Singapore

We have been here for 4 days now and I am slowly falling in love with the city. For the past weeks we have been travelling around the Philippines and completely detached from the PhD-work. Now we are getting back on track, and I am trying to establish some good routines, which I find especially important as I will be working from home (our small room with a bed and a desk) for the next three months, and therefore need some kind of structure. My morning routine is almost set, and it includes swimming in the pool first thing in the morning, which is a really peaceful and pleasant start to the day. Also I have coffee.

Peter has been to his first meeting at the National University of Singapore and I think he will be working there most of the time, otherwise he will be at home as well. For the past days we have both been working from home, taking shifts sitting at our tiny desk, the other sitting on the bed. I have been exhausted and I feel that my productivity is not meeting the time schedule I set up before the holiday where I was in a great flow. I guess that I did not include days for simply adapting to a new place and digest almost one month of travelling. In addition Peters’s supervisor at NUS has shown interest in my project as well, so I will present my project to her. That makes me kind of nervous, even though I know that presenting and discussing my project only is a good thing. I guess I am scared of being criticized. I guess everybody is.

Tonight I will do nothing. (Or I will watch some episodes of Nurse Jackie and be in love with Peter, whose attention currently is on his new Samsung Galaxy s6 edge he bought just a couple of hours ago).


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