A Tiny Writing Retreat

I have been dreaming about going on a writing retreat for a while now. When I was younger I imagined myself as a writer, isolated in the romantic, quiet nature of northern Norway with views to beautiful fjords and the sky. Well, I didn’t make it to Norway this time, but I had silence, nature and good company.

So, I arranged a weekend away with my sister, who is currently working on her master thesis. We borrowed our parent’s summerhouse, which is located in the northern part of Denmark, close to the sea. We spent the weekend writing, reading, drinking coffee and wine, talking, long walks on the beach and it was absolutely wonderful. Working remotely has some great benefits for me, I gained new energy and inspiration, I was “unavailable” by not being present at the office, I got some reading and writing done, plus I gained perspective that my PhD and work is not the only thing important in this world.

I have already planned my next get-away, and next time it will be for a whole week, just me, my boyfriend and our literature reviews!

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